Fundraising Program

  1. Does your organization need any money?

  2. Did you know chances are that 40% of your supporters shop online regularly?

  3. Would you like to capture a percentage of the purchases they’re making for free?

That is exactly what we do for nonprofit organizations.
Organizations using our platform include:

Your organization can harness the power of online shopping with a fundraising program driven by time‑tested, industry‑leading technology

Funding is a never-ending concern for nearly all nonprofits. With National Support Network organizations can:

  • Give back to supporters.
  • Raise funds without begging or bugging.
  • Enjoy a new ongoing revenue stream.
  • Achieve their goals.

Organizations give supporters free cash back shopping memberships and organizations earn referral cash on all supporter shopping. It’s a true win‑win.

Spend time fulfilling the mission instead of raising funds!

National Support Network powered by Pinnacle Communications International, Inc.

National Support Network is powered by Pinnacle Communications International, Inc., generating an additional revenue stream for individuals and companies through online shopping.

For more than 20 years, Pinnacle has been providing state-of-the-art cash back shopping solutions driven by industry-leading technology through the passive income-earning power of the Internet.

By including lifestyle packages, home services, and insurance products for individuals, businesses, and nonprofits, Pinnacle is dedicated to helping you build a better tomorrow, today.

Why build a fundraising program from scratch when a complete solution already exists?

National Support Network builds all of these exclusive features into every fundraising program.

  • Co-branded shopping site – A shopping mall website with nonprofit logo. Organizations refer supporters to the cash back shopping mall. They shop, they get cash back, and so does the organization!
  • Value-added benefit packages – Packages that can save supporters time, money and help protect what is important to them. When a supporter buys benefits, it generates monthly revenue for the organization as long as that supporter is subscribed.
  • Complete tracking capabilities – All organizations are given the necessary tools for tracking participation, and all supporters that register at the co-branded site are automatically linked to the organization.
  • Detailed, itemized reporting – Use the built-in reports to measure success. The reports are in one easy-to-use account center and include details on supporters, purchases, commissions, patron email list, and more.
  • Built-in marketing tools – The co-branded shopping mall site includes related handouts, cards, graphics and more to help maximize revenue potential.
  • Complete customer service – Because all purchases are made at store sites directly, customer service interactions regarding individual purchases are handled by the stores. Other customer service issues are handled by Pinnacle’s commited staff.
  • Quick Start Guide – Fundraisers have a simple easy-to-follow guide to launch and run a fundraising program with the National Support Network Action Steps.

National Support Network is a win-win by generating revenue for organizations while rewarding supporters.

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Organization Revenue Streams

1. Up to 36% cash back on purchases you make

Organizations purchase through their own co-branded shopping site to buy office supplies, furniture, etc. Items an organization has to buy anyway, so why not get cash back?

Organizations can receive more revenue from indirect referrals than from direct supporters!

2. Up to 20% direct supporter cash back

Organization supporters join for free and shop online through the co-branded shopping site. They earn cash back, and the organization receives cash back, too. Twenty (20) percent of whatever the purchaser received. If he/she gets $10.00 back, the organization gets $2.00!

3. Up to 10% indirect referral cash back

Organization supporters can refer friends and family to join the fundraising program as well. They get 10% referral cash for doing so whenever their referral makes a purchase. And the organization gets 10% referral cash, too!

4. Monthly revenue from lifestyle benefit package subscriptions

Supporters have access to everyday savings with lifestyle benefit packages, from movie tickets and restaurant discounts, to ID protection and more. Organizations receive a percentage of the monthly subscription that supporters pay for these packages. Explore the folder below to learn more about all these packages.

Program Features

Item Member Fundraiser
Description An individual that joins a fundraiser program website and shops. Can also make referrals and earn referral cash. A nonprofit that joins the platform to increase revenue and accomplish goals.
Cash Back Shopping Up to 30% Up to 36%
Referral Cash* 10% 20%
Infinite Cash† 10%
Purchase Benefit Packages
Purchase Home Services
Purchase Insurance Products
Benefit Package Commissions (avg) ~7%
Shopping Site Co-branded
Price FREE FREE 501(c)(3)
  Join Now Enroll Now

* Referral cash is paid to a member when someone they’ve referred to National Support Network makes a purchase. This is 10% of the cash back amount the purchasing member receives. For example, if Bob sends Carol a link to join the program, then Carol makes a purchase that earns Carol $10 cash back, Bob will receive $1 as well.

† Infinite cash takes referral cash to the next level. Referral cash is paid to the direct referring member. Infinite cash is paid to that referring member's site manager. Using our previous example, if Bob is a member of Ted's shopping site, Ted will receive referral cash on Bob's purchases, Carol's purchases, the purchases made by anyone Carol refers, anyone that person refers and so on for an infinite number of free member referral generation.

A program that does more than work – it wins. Twice.

Supporters win first because they get the lowest prices online by receiving cash back from the shopping site, and a great value on monthly benefit packages and home services.

Organizations win because they receive a percentage of all shopping and benefit package subscriptions.

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